If you are here you are likely to be Revolutionary as well!

As you have probably discovered there’s a lot of plastic waste around our world and we need your help right now.

Below you will find a map in which you will have the possibility to find all the places that are most polluted. There you will be able to organise clean up events with you family, friends and colleagues. Of course you might need some help and we will be by your side

Join us in the Light Green Project


Our website provides an interactive map (link) where users will be able to see pins located in different areas where a clean-up action is needed. In addition they will also be able to add pins so that they will signal new places in need for the same kind of action.


The Light Green project aims to be partner to as many clean-up events as possible.

In such partnership we:

⇢Mentor the volunteer groups providing our knowledge about the broader issue;

⇢Organise gamified experiences, setting prizes for the people who collected more litter;

⇢Explain how to participate to the UN Environment #BeatPalsticPollution TAG game!